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coreycotts said: 50 years from now, when everyone in mystic falls is now either dead, really old or just being their vampire/hybrid selves, klaus & stefan will look back at this moment and realize how mistaken they were for going after other people. neither knew that they were in love with each other and therefore kept their feelings quiet but come season finale klefan will hold hands and leave mystic falls forever and have lots and lots of sex in forests and whereever they prefer and generally being BAMFs. end

Anonymous said: How about this. Klaus/Caroline have sex but Stefan walks in, Klaus jumps up looking all guilty, while Stefan hurries out of the room with tears in his eyes. Klaus eventually catches up with him back at Stefan's place and starts saying that they was never anything going on between him and Stefan so he has no right to make him feel guilty, because for Stefan it was always Elena. Then Stefan turns round and says it hasn't been Elena since they left town together. Then they fuck. Everyones happy!